Who Uses GPS Surveying Equipment’s In Kenya?

GPS surveying is a quick and accurate way of mapping and modeling the physical world, from mountainous landscapes to city skylines. This versatility and utility are why GPS surveying is the standard practice for any surveying operation. Nearly any group that needs surveying done will use GPS surveying, including government organizations, scientific groups or commercial businesses in Kenya. Some of the benefits these groups enjoy from GPS surveying include:

  • Flexibility: Unlike conventional surveying techniques, GPS surveying can function regardless of visibility. If survey stations are out of each other’s sight due to line-of-sight issues or weather, GPS technology can still measure their positions and provide accurate location data. This is particularly useful when surveying coasts and waterways with few land-based reference points, which is particularly helpful for nautical navigation and construction efforts. The only downside is that GPS stations need to access satellites with a clear line of communication, limiting the utility of GPS surveying in areas with trees or tall buildings.
  • Mobility: GPS systems are fairly mobile, able to be carried inside backpacks or mounted on vehicles to collect data quickly and over a wide area. In combination with CORS systems, mobile GPS survey equipment can achieve real-time data.
  • Speed: GPS technology is extremely quick compared to the old surveying techniques that relied on extensive measuring and calculations. Now, GPS provides near instantaneous data and can automatically compare that data to provide accurate results quickly, sometimes even within a few minutes. With faster data, survey teams can get quicker results and organizations can reduce decision time.
  • Accuracy: The ultimate question stakeholders are concerned about is the accuracy of GPS survey equipment. Ultimately, it depends on who does the surveying. Poor equipment and inexperienced users can negatively affect your accuracy. However, when using sophisticated GPS technology combined with top-level expertise and high-quality software, you can achieve high levels of accuracy every time.

These benefits are the primary reasons many companies in Kenya choose GPS surveying specialists for their surveying needs. However, all this data is meaningless without context. For almost all industries, GPS survey data is combined with sophisticated 3D modeling to create detailed, actionable data that organizations can use to plan their projects. This 3D modeling data not only allows companies to visualize and plan projects, but it also allows for 3D model machine control for construction projects.

3D machine control uses positioning sensors to give machine operators feedback on their equipment, directing them in how to use the equipment to achieve the desired results. This technology promises to be the new standard for efficient worksite operations, improving the accuracy of construction equipment on site. For more information about GPS machine control modeling, contact Take-Off Professionals or look through our site to learn about our services.

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