How to choose the best garmin running watch to buy in Kenya

The number of Garmin running and fitness watches continues to grow, making the task of choosing the right device for you all the more difficult.

Best Garmin running watches in Kenya

Garmin’s running watches aren’t just about running. Most will track other kinds of sports too, including cycling, pool swimming and offer a general cardio mode to cover off other activities. All the company’s fitness watches are now water resistant, too.

Put simply, the Forerunner range is huge. The more expensive the watch generally means the greater the battery life, more advanced analytics based on heart rate and the ability to store/listen to music.

Best Garmin smartwatch in Kenya

A slightly confusing concept, as even the most basic watches are capable of tracking more than one type of activity, Garmin’s multi-sport watches tend to include more than just running, cycling and pool swimming.

We’ve also classified its three “smartwatches” here. Essentially, look into this list if running is just one part of your weekly fitness schedule.

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