Frequently Asked Questions about the Garmin Explore App

The Explore app is a robust mobile application designed to add to your outdoor experience. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Explore app. Additional information about the application can also be found in the Related FAQ  at the bottom of the page.


  • Garmin Explore is the app companion for compatible Garmin GPS-enabled devices and outdoor adventurers. For more information on that review this FAQ.


Setup and Limits

How do I begin using the Explore app?

  • To use the Explore app you must first have a compatible device and download and install the Explore app from the Google Play or AppStore. Download the Garmin Explore app and sign in with your Garmin account, or create a Garmin account using the app if you don’t have a Garmin account
  • You will need to pair your compatible device with Garmin Connect Mobile if you have not already as well

How many phones or devices can I use the Explore app on?

  • Multiple phones or tablets can be used with the same Garmin devices. The Garmin accounts just need to match
    • Example: A user can use the large screen of a tablet to plan a trip and view larger maps, sync that data to the web, sync to their phone, and be off on the trail with the more compact, lightweight phone that is syncing data to both a watch and handheld
  • Garmin devices are limited to pairing one mobile device at a time, so be sure you are paired and synced prior to hitting the trail you have all the data you need

How many waypoints, routes, and track logs can the Explore app store and display?

  • There is no limit for the amount of waypoints, routes, or track logs the Explore app can store or display.

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  • For instructions on pairing the GPSMAP 66 Series review this FAQ.

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Mapping and Downloads

How many maps can I download?

  • There is no limit set by the application to the number of maps that can be downloaded. However, maps do take up space in your phone’s memory. The only limit is the amount of free space your phone has available. If do not have enough memory to download mapping on your phone, try clearing some space on your phone.

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Library & Collections

What is the Library?

  • The Explore app library contains the GPS data from the Garmin. The library is automatically synchronized between the Explore app and website. If you add, update or delete a library item, it will automatically be added, updated or deleted on the website, and any relevant collections and devices.

What are Collections?

  • Collections are groups of your data that you create. The same item from the library can be added to more than one collection.
    • Note: Large collections that may not sync to your device are marked with a yellow icon (triangle with exclamation mark). Large collections usually contain over 100 waypoints, 20 routes, 5 tracks or a track with over 10,000 points
  • Collections can be used to:
    • Organize data in the library
    • Control what displays on the map:
      • Touch the Map Layer icon on the map then Collections and toggle which collections you would like to view on the map page
    • Control sync using collections for each device:
      • On the devices tab you can change your active collection (new data from your device syncs to your active collection). Set which collections are synced to your device. When you update a collection, the data will automatically be updated on any device that collection is synced with

What data can be stored in the Library & Collections?

  • Waypoints (called Locations on some Garmin devices)
  • Tracks (called Courses on some Garmin devices)
  • Routes (also call Courses on some Garmin devices)
  • Activities

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Syncing Data

How does sync work in Garmin Explore?

  • Device sync: A Bluetooth connection is used to automatically sync data between your Garmin device(s) and the Garmin Explore app.
  • Web sync: Garmin Explore uses an internet connection to automatically sync data between the Garmin Explore app and the website. You can see the time of the last successful sync for each in the app. You can also manually start a web or device sync.

What information gets synced between the Explore app and my Garmin devices(s)?

  • The waypoints, tracks, routes and activities from your Garmin devices are synced to the Explore app. Waypoints, tracks and routes are synced from the app to your Garmin device (but not activities).

What information gets synced between the Explore app and the Explore Website?

  • The data in the Garmin Explore Library is synced between the Garmin Explore app and the Garmin Explore website automatically when you are connected to the internet. This includes waypoints, tracks, routes and activities.

What happens if I edit something in the app at the same time I edit it at explore.garmin.com, or on my Garmin device?

  • If a library item is edited in multiple places, whichever changes were made last will be reflected in after the sync has completed.

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Power Usage

How much of an impact will the Explore app have on the battery life of my phone?

  • While the Explore app will use your phone’s location services (GPS, cellular triangulation, etc.) for providing location in the application. Impact to the battery life of your phone should be the same as any other application that uses location services.

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